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Automatic doors and accessories for gates


> PARK-XL : practical and safe parking, in XL format

Newly born in the Tau family, the “Park XL” automatic parking protector guarantees the protection of the parking space also for large vehicles.
The model, bigger than the standard versions, is more visible and gives therefore an added safety element. It is available also with remote control so that you can find your space always free, without ever getting out of the car.

> At full power with the new T-ONE8B

The market was asking for it and we, at TAU, have created a T-ONE5B gear motor version with 800kg maximum capacity, designed for residential gates and in particular for condominiums.
A brand new motor, for both power and efficiency: with the rotor enveloped by a wire with larger diameter, it develops a greater torque, while the transformer is more powerful so that it can feed it and the K126MA control unit supports its functionality and safety, always guaranteed even for the heaviest gates.
Unlike other models (such as K125M and T-ONE5B), this control unit can be programmed with the TAUPROG and fitted with the SM memory cards, capable of storing up to 1022 radio controls.

> R&T 2105 - Stuttgart

From 24 to 28 february TAU will be present at the international exhibition R&T 2105 in Stuttgart (Germany).
We will be waiting to show you the complete range of our products and the latest novelties at stand A32 in Hall 6.
Visit the exhibition website

> Joint for elliptical bar

The joint for elliptical bar completes the range of accessories for the Luxe barrier.
Ideal for underground car parks where the ceiling height restricts the total opening of the automatic barrier. The application of the joint allows managing a wide passage from a minimum of 3m to a maximum of 5m.

> TAU 2.0.

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> Safety and flexibility.

TAU presents a new BSD sensitive edge. Soft, deformable and elastic, it is made in high stability material that keeps its characteristics also at the most extreme temperatures, in both hot and cold conditions.
Without any rigid parts and thanks to a special internal mechanism, sensitive edges deform all along their length, guaranteeing always maximum safety for both people and vehicles.
They are available in two different sizes: mod. 900BSD15, up to 1.5 metres in length and mod. 900BSD20 up to 2 metres.

> T-RADIO: safe antenna.

Always searching for an improvement, TAU has studied once more the antenna fixing system, finding a new, safe and guaranteed solution. The antenna is fixed to the cover with some rings and a bracket and is then connected with a cable to the radio receiver.
The radio receiver supplied in the kit has been upgraded too, with the new RXSMBA series models. It comes with a base memory capable of learning up to 15 different codes, both from fixed code and rolling code. It is ready for the memory expansions of models 250SM126, 250SM254 and 250SM1022. This combination allows storing up to 1022 different radio codes.
Improvement and simplification are the objectives of TAU’s research: The new memory expansions use quick connectors, much simpler and more efficient than the EEprom memories, too often damaged during maintenance.

> Rolling Code: duplication-proof.

All new versions of TAU control units with built-in radio receivers accept now only TAU Rolling Code transmitters, 433,92 MHz. Dip-switch transmitters are no longer supported.
Rolling Code technology offers the best security available, as the transmitters cannot be duplicated or cloned.

> Radio receivers: A new system for a safer connection.

The new radio receiver (mod. 250RXSM1/B and 250RXSM2/B) replaces the previous models 250RXDC1/B and 250RXDC2/B. It comes with a standard memory capable of learning up to 15 different transmitters, either fixed or rolling code.
The memory can be enhanced by using one of the available expansion memory modules (250SM126, 250SM254 and 250SM1022).
This allows storing up to 1022 different transmitters.
To connect these new memory modules, TAU uses quick connectors, much simpler and more efficient than the usual EEPROM memories, easily damaged during maintenance.

> Controller news: standards of excellence become the norm.

In September a new version of control panel has been launched: The K691M, v5.08, is now standard on board the garage door openers of the T-SKY range. A new standard of excellence for the software that has been improved to make the installer’s job easier and to offer better section control in each movement stage.

> Think big and automate any leaf: TAU introduces ARM3000 series of swing gate operators.

TAU series of ARM2000 swing gate operators seems to have no limits. The new model ARM3000 is conceived to automate swing gates with leaves up to 4 metres. A longer rod extension of the operator allows the installation also on swing gates with leaves of big sizes.
The new model will be available both in 230V or DC version.

> Security at the first place: TAU introduces the barrier with boom break-out system.

The special joint of the boom with break out system allows to release and rotate the boom in case of crush, thus following the movement of a vehicle that breaks the barrier down.
The break-out system will be available starting from July 2014 for 800LUXE barriers.
In case of crush with a motor vehicle, the special joint of the boom rotates horizontally.
The release of the boom ensures the minimum damage to the vehicle in the crash while protecting the boom and the mechanical components of the barrier at the same time.
The break-out system is conceived to be installed to control busy entrances and car parks with high risk of crush.

> Enigmatic beauties in TAU

Art becomes part of TAU and gives us the chance to spur our fantasy and esthetic sense.
TAU houses two couples of statues realized by Emilio Casarotto, an eclectic artist from Vicenza.
Long figures like shadows, suggestion of emotions that silently ask us questions and slowly let answers rise inside us.
“Nivea” and “Nigra” sit one next to the other without looking at each other, while “the Two Sisters” are in front of them.
Such beauties are far more than ornamental. They will certainly rise curiosity and interest in all TAU's customers and employees.

Download the brochure


The new brochure “Automations at your fingertips” is an easy and useful tool to explain TAU's world to final users.
Such brochure is nice and compact and describes the quality and the user friendliness of TAU's systems, that combine safety and attention to details, for a safer and protected environment.

> TAU numbers: 30 years of history, 100% Made in Italy

Once upon a time there was Triveneta Automazioni, a company whose name held the essence of its ideas: local roots, Italian technology.

The company established in the early 80s by Bruno Danieli turned then into TAU, an effective acronym to hit the international market.

Nowadays, with export representing over 70% of the sales volume, planning, design and production are still proudly made in Italy.

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Tel 0444 750190 - Fax 0444 750376
P.iva: 02330630241

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