Types of remote controls for gate and door automations

The remote control

When you enter the world of remote controls for gate automation, you enter a world of technology. For the less expert, the remote control is a device where you press a button and the gate opens, but it is much more than that. The functions connected to this apparently very simple item are innumerable and knowing them means to make your life simpler and associate many functions to one action. You cannot be superficial in choosing the right remote control: to do that would mean to give up the possibility of making your life simpler.

Automations for industrial doors: which one to choose?

Automations for industrial doors: various types

TAU Italia offers various innovative solutions with regard to the industrial door automation sector. Leader in the sector, TAU offers a wide range of automation products, from those for gates and doors to those for industrial doors. On the website you will find all the offers for your company. In fact, our products in the field of the industrial door automations offer solutions for both book-like openings (two leaves plus two leaves) and sliding or sectional doors.

Automatic gate safety: the current legislation

The European directives adopted by Italy

When industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates are installed, it is important to comply with national and, if applicable, international regulations. In 2002, European directives EN 12453 and EN 12445 were accepted by Italy and came into force replacing the previous UNI 8612 regulations, introduced in 1989.
Even if there are no sanctions in case of non-compliance with the safety regulations, these requirements are very important to reduce or cancel risks for both installers and occasional users of doors and gates.

Gate automatic systems: composition and advantages

Automatic gates: customised solutions for any type of opening

Protecting their house with a gate gives the owners of a building security, regardless of whether it is a villa, condominium or factory. Relying on the sector professionals, you can assess effective solutions, customised according to your requirements. For instance, in the range of products offered by Tau Italia, it is possible to assess gate automatic systems capable of moving leaves weighing between 400 and 4000 kg. The difference is just the kind of leaf.

Automation for sun awnings to protect from the sun easily

Why choosing an automation for sun awnings?

A sun awning automation is an effective and practical tool to protect from the summer sun in a simple and immediate way. The automation will allow the awning to extend or fold back thanks, for instance, to a small remote control, therefore making your terrace or balcony a fresh shelter from the summer heat.

Sun awning automations have various benefits: the practicality of possibly extending or folding it back with a few actions; the possibility of creating an area where you can cool off during the summer and, above all, the automation long life that, over time, will guarantee you considerable savings.

Garage door automations: maximum comfort for drivers

What are garage door automations?

Garage door automations are systems allowing cars to enter car park spaces/garages without having to get out of the car: in fact, a remote control is sufficient to open and close a door with a simple click. A garage door automation system brings considerable benefits going from the comfort to get back home quickly and easily to the convenience of not having to open or close very heavy doors. Tau Italia, leader in the production of electrical gate and automatic door automations, produces also garage door automation systems.

Car park automatic barriers: types and models

Safe and innovative car park automatic barriers

Garage and car park automatic barriers are the best solution to control safely vehicles entering and exiting areas with a reasonable quantity of traffic: hotels, supermarkets, department stores and shopping centres will be able to guarantee private parking only to people entitled to use it. The same applies, naturally, also in case of condominiums, companies or any structure needing to prevent access to unauthorized vehicles.


Gate automations: that small detail that makes our lives easier

The benefits of gate automations

Let’s not deny it: we all like to enjoy those small comforts that can make our daily life easier and more comfortable, at least in the small things. Sometimes we don’t think about it, but we often need very little to get rid of some obstacles: a small detail that makes a difference, reducing the stress in our lives. Gate automations belong surely to the category of “inventions” that have allowed us to make our lives easier!