Automatic gate opening: quality and practicality with a simple click

Why choose automatic gate opening

The reasons why automatic gate opening to access one’s property is installed are numerous. Practicality, security, ease, guarantee of quality … and the list could be much longer. To have an exhaustive and concise answer, the question should therefore be “why not?”.

Remote opening: practicality and security

There is no need to explain how practical and functional opening the gate directly from the car using a remote control or a button on the intercom installed in one’s house, office or factory, is.
It is not just a question of not having to get out, above all in case of adverse weather conditions, it is rather a question of security. You can get used to the idea of being exposed to the winter cold or summer heat (moreover opening a gate does not take long), but the situation changes in case of rain or, worse, at night. Not having to get out of your car prevents unpleasant situations and potential persons’ or animals’ aggressions.

Gate quality slides smoothly

Calibrated according to the size of the opening and the weight of the leaves, the products in Tau Italia’s catalogue are provided with a quality certificate. Modern technologies and engineering research have provided these automatic systems with numerous accessories and safety measures. The latter allow these gates to last over time and be functional, bringing advantages to all the possible users that may use them. An automatic gate opening system includes not just the leaves but also any light or acoustic signals, safety photocells and devices to be activated in case of a blackout.