Automation for hinged gates with articulated arm

Automation for hinged gates with articulated arm

The gearmotor with articulated arm is ideal to automate hinged leaf gates also with pillars of large dimensions. The application behind the pillar makes the motor almost invisible from outside the gate, so as not to affect its beauty.

Automation for hinged gates with articulated arm: conformity

Apart from being compliant with the above, Tau gearmotors designed for this type of automation comply also with the following directives:
2006/95/CE – Low Voltage Directive
2004/108/CE – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
and, where required, with Directive 1999/5/CE – Radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment.


Automation for hinged gates with articulated arm: characteristics

irst of all it is necessary to say that this product can move gates with leaves with a clearance of up to 3.5 meters per leaf. Moreover, the area of application is residential/condominium.
The gearmotors are proposed in two versions: 230 and 12 volts.
The 230 volts motor is designed for residential use, while the very low voltage one is suitable for both residential/condominium use.
The advantages of the 230 volts automation are that the installation is simple and intuitive, the motor has more thrust and power and is therefore the ideal choice for applications on important leaves and large size pillars.
The 12 volts gearmotor is also a superb choice with applications on large size pillars. Its construction technology allows it to display more qualities, such as: obstacle detection and anti-crushing safety thanks to the encoder as standard; compliance with the EN 12445-12453 regulations; moving speed; guaranteed operation even when there is no power, thanks to the optional batteries.
For all these reasons, the mechanism is suitable for intensive and continuous use.