Garage door automations



The word “garage” is of French origin but comes from the German word “garer”, namely, to keep under cover. In fact, dictionary definitions for the word “garage” specify that it is a covered space for storing one or more cars.


The garage entrance

Garages are unquestionably useful and often double up as a DIY car workshop. Therefore, they are highly functional buildings with direct access and connection with outdoor areas. But people entering or exiting a garage are exposed to harsh conditions in bad weather.


Garage door automations

To avoid the inconvenience of having to operate the opening or closing of garage doors in heavy rain, snow, hail etc., manufacturers have designed garage door automations.

They are essentially automated systems created exclusively for this type of use and are designed to operate on sectional or spring overhead doors: two different systems that have the same effect: to make entering and exiting the garage convenient and easy.

An electromechanical gearmotor is available for sectional doors operating with a low voltage of 24 volt with an encoder. It is ideal for spring overhead doors or sectional doors, with a belt or chain drive system. It also has a built-in control unit. The system is intended for use in residential complexes or with large garage doors subject to continuous intensive use. In addition, a swivel head allows 90° installation. The optional batteries available guarantee operation even in the event of a power failure.