Pop-up automatic bollards: elegant and safe

Urban furniture or private entrance: the solution is automatic pop-up bollards

Automatic pop-up bollards allow managing the access of vehicles to a public or private road. They are automated systems consisting of a column, usually cylindrical and made of steel, preventing access to private or public places. Controlled remotely by a device, code or contactless card, thanks to an automatic hydraulic movement, the column can quickly lower leaving the access free. Elegant, understated and positively very practical, pop-up bollards are an ideal solution for those who love to match aesthetics with functionality.

Many models available

Apart from the column models, always for collective, industrial or residential use, fairly small bollards are available that can be opened both manually and with the appropriate remote control. Opening time does not exceed 5 seconds and the motor is low voltage. Getting back to the more classical models, the cylinder hydraulic bollard can be selected from a range of different sizes. A bollard consists of multiple parts including a formwork and an extractible structure. The mechanism is completed by a tube, a built-in pump with a hydraulic system and an external illuminated head warning about the presence of the obstacle. For the assembly, arrangement for the cable junction box is available.

Top quality materials

Designed to be installed in the open and withstand the elements, to be good quality and guarantee durability over time, automatic pop-up bollards must be made with top quality materials. The external tube, for instance, requires hot-dip galvanization and the use of the highest quality, even better if stainless, steel.