Maintenance of automatic doors

What does the maintenance of automatic doors involve?

Automatic doors are a mechanical element that requires maintenance like any other machine. Maintenance helps prevent problems and faults and is therefore vitally important. There are two types of maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary maintenance must be carried out at regular intervals, for instance every 6 months. Extraordinary maintenance differs since, as the name itself explains, it takes place only in case of failure of the automatic doors and generally entails considerable expense for the replacement of any internal mechanisms.


Why is the maintenance of automatic doors important?

The maintenance of automatic doors is vital because it prevents faults that might be very expensive. To keep an automatic door efficient with ordinary maintenance is always recommended, and the cost of this type of maintenance is really negligible. In fact, it is just sufficient to adjust the carriages and check the various elements such as the mechanical release, to facilitate the operation of its opening and closing mechanism. Finally, the radar and photocells must be cleaned of all dirt to keep them efficient at all times.


What benefits does the ordinary maintenance of automatic doors offer?

Ordinary maintenance offers many benefits, such as longer life over time and it also prevents any damages due to poor maintenance. It is vital to choose right from the start a good-quality automatic door such as the T-LINE series that has been studied and produced to last over time, like all TAU automatic doors. It is therefore advisable to buy a quality product, saving considerable sums of money on both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, since the latter is less likely to be required because the excellent quality of the materials guarantees all components last a long time.