Bringing a condominium gate up to standard

What does bringing a condominium gate up to standard involve?

An increasing number of condominiums are deciding to bring existing gates up to standard in order to avoid having to buy a new gate and spending much more. Bringing a gate up to standard means installing certified components that guarantee improved safety avoiding any impact risks. When the gate is not fitted with low voltage motors or encoder, Tau recommends adding wireless anti-crushing safety edges as well as the usual photocells, to cover multiple points or dangerous areas with different systems.


What are the advantages of bringing condominium gates up to standard?

Bringing the automatic gate up to standard will prevent many problems, such as accidents due to the malfunction of the gate internal elements and will also make the condominium much safer. Using parts that comply with the regulations in force, you will be able to save on the gate extraordinary maintenance too, since the various parts are made using materials of superior quality if compared with those that are non-compliant.


Bringing a gate up to standard and ordinary maintenance

Ordinary maintenance is required to bring a gate up to standard. This entails lubricating the various gears and opening and closing systems, to allow the gate to work perfectly. Moreover, it guarantees longer life for all the parts, with great savings. Both the condominium manager and the person or company carrying out the ordinary maintenance are responsible for it, so, to avoid problems, it is advisable to use companies specialized in bringing gates up to standard and maintaining them.