Motor for sliding gate and other solutions

How can you automate a sliding gate?

Different solutions can be adopted to automate a sliding gate, varying according to the context, weight and length of the gate itself. For residential buildings it is possible to choose motors easy to install and fitted with encoder technology; this type of motor allows automating gates weighing less than 1200kg. On the other hand, for condominial or industrial use, electromechanical gearmotors must be used because they can move leaves weighing up to 2000kg. Finally, in an industrial environment, a gearmotor capable of automating gates up to 4000kg must be selected.

Which ones are the best motors for sliding gates?

The best motors for sliding gates are those that can stand continuous and intensive use, so we recommend DC low voltage gearmotors are chosen. Moreover, the most innovative motors are fitted with an encoder to reduce the risk of crushing to a minimum. Safety is guaranteed also by a practical slowing-down system that activates when opening and closing, decreasing the speed only in the end stages; the travel speed ensures maximum comfort in any event, anyway. Finally, not to be underestimated, is the possibility of completing the motor with optional batteries so that it can be used when no power is available.