Fast underground motor for hinged pedestrian gates (R18BENCVEL)


What is the R18BENCVEL underground motor?


The R18BENCVEL underground motor is a very interesting product that is installed on hinged pedestrian gates and works as a traditional underground motor. These motors are low voltage and can close single- or twin-leaf gates with a total weight of 200 kg and a length of 1.2m per leaf. With this type of underground motor, opening and closing the gate will be faster, in fact opening the leaf to 90° will be done in just 9 seconds.


Where should the R18BENCVEL underground motor be installed?


The installation of this type of motor is recommended for condominium or private gates with hinged leaves. It can be installed on gates of up to 1.2m in length and works with low voltage. To guarantee its operation also in case of blackout, a simple backup battery can be added. This motor is very sturdy and long-lasting and, thanks to its compact size, it can easily be placed on the side of the gate without having to dig a very deep compartment.


What are the advantages of the installation of the R18BENCVEL underground motor?


The installation of this type of underground motor offers many advantages, such as improved opening and closing speed of the gate, increased security and compliance with the regulations in force. Another advantage of the R18BENCVEL underground motor is its very small size that makes it easy to place it under the gate with hinged leaves and open more than the classical 90°. In fact, the gearmotor can rotate for the full 360° without the use of any other accessories. The underground motor in question works with an operating temperature of between -20°C and +55°C so that it suits perfectly all types of climate and location where it is installed.