Underground motors for swing gates: aesthetic appeal and functionality

What are underground motors for swing gates?

Underground motors are compact systems that enable swing gates to operate correctly. This type of motor allows a gate to be automated without altering its aesthetic look, since it is installed below ground level. Underground motors ensure quick motion and intuitive use, thus complementing gates with gate leaves weighing up to 400 kg. The low-voltage version is also ideal for intensive and repeated use.

How does an underground motor for swing gates work?

Underground motors for swing gates operate in a quick and simple manner. An electromechanical gear motor is installed underground in a special foundation box. It controls the motion of the swing gate, allowing the gate leaves to open up to 360° (with the R18/R18BENC model). Each type of motor is always provided with a special device that allows manual release in case of emergency. Underground motors are not visible after installation and entirely maintain the aesthetic appeal of the swing gate.

Types of underground motor for swing gates

Different types of underground motor meet all the demands of those who have a swing gate. Each model has its own specific voltage, gate leaf dimensions, gate weight and cable length. The length of the gate leaves can reach up to 3.5 m, whereas the weight can extend to 400 kg and the cable length ranges from just over 2.3 metres to a maximum of 9 metres. In addition, depending on the type, underground motors are suitable for residential or community use. Moreover, motors are available that also operate without electricity during a blackout, using optional batteries.