Electrical gearmotors for sliding gates


Electrical gearmotors for sliding gates: residential


Tau realizes dedicated solutions, designed specifically for different operating requirements, whether residential, condominium or industrial.
In a residential environment, gearmotors bear loads from 400 kg to 1200 kg, according to the models gearmotors can be 230, 24 or 12 volts.
These products are marketed with built-in mechanical limit switches, but magnetic limit switches are offered as an option, while low-voltage versions use encoder technology that gets rid of the limit switches.
Moreover, they are also fitted with built-in two-channel control panel and receiver.

Electrical gearmotors for sliding gates: condominium


Low-voltage gearmotors with encoder and limit switches (in some cases magnetic ones), with or without electrical control panel and built-in rolling code two-channel receiver are proposed for condominium or industrial use. 230 400 volts the voltage, combined with a speed of up to 24 meters (for fast motors) a minute and load-bearing capacity up to 2000 kg.
All products are made in compliance with UNI EN 12445:2002 and UNI EN 12453:2002; the models with built-in encoder can detect obstacles, are built with an opening/closing slowdown system and guarantee anti-crushing safety.

Electrical gearmotors for sliding gates: industrial


Inevitably, industrial use requires dedicated power: here loads up to 4000 kg per leaf are born. As expected, the operating voltage is 400 volts. The gearmotors are supplied complete with control panels, while the guards are stainless steel or painted sheet, mechanical and adjustable anti-crushing clutch.
Some models are designed to control large dimensions and exceptional capacity gates. The range of performances is completed by metal and bronze gears for longer life and increased quietness and by the ventilated motor to increase the work cycle (+50% than other models).