Motors for folding doors



The motor for folding doors allows automatic opening and closing of this particular type of door. Tau Italia produces gearmotors that operate at 230 and 12 volts. These motors, intended for industrial use, have either built-in electric limit switches or are low-voltage direct current motors that use encoder technology.

The former type is fitted with a larger sturdy telescopic arm, designed to withstand the greater force and power that the motor generates, since it is intended for semi-intensive use, whereas the latter has a motor designed for continuous intensive use. Its special type of construction also guarantees other advantages, including: obstacle detection and crush prevention, slowdown in the pre-stop phases, resulting in the elimination of noisy impact. It also increases safety and guarantees operation in the event of a power failure, thanks to optional batteries. However, these features do not prevent the doors from moving at high speed. In addition, the motor is self-locking and the electronics can be self-adapted to various problems that may arise with the gaskets. The motor complies with the requirements of the standard EN 12445-12453.