Automatic door standard


Automatic door standard: what is it about?

The EN16005 Standard has been drawn up for automatic or motorized doors. It clarifies all the different safety requirements that automatic doors must have, especially those installed in public places or condominiums. Among the key aspects of the standard there is the obligation on the part of the owner of the building to have the doors maintained on a regular basis to guarantee their safety, long-term reliability and efficiency. The standard is based on what safety systems automatic doors must have, such as dual technology radar to detect obstacles, photocells, etc., in order to guarantee the safety of the people using the door. It also explains perfectly all the various certificates required by law, such as the CE mark that must be present on all the door components.


What features must an automated door have to comply with the standard?

To comply with the EN16005 Standard, an automated door must comply with different characteristics such as the elimination of all types of hazards for the people using it. To comply with the standard, an automatic door must be fitted with various safety systems such as photocells and above all radars detecting obstacles, and, if sliding, they must have no object capable of wounding people. The installer must first of all draw up the technical file provided for by the EN16005 Standard, assessing all aspects: installation place, type of users, technical operating features, type of metal structure, hazard areas, type of safety devices to apply. Moreover, he must supply the detailed documentation of all the devices installed on the door, with all their relative certificates.


What are the advantages of installing on automatic doors parts complying with the standard?

The advantages are many, first of all users’ safety, since all products complying with the standard are designed to prevent accidents.  Another advantage of standard-compliant components is the certainty of installing good quality elements that will last over time. To get a safe automatic door, contact TAU.