Digital keypad for automatic gates


Digital keypad for automatic gates: a revolution in the sector


The digital keypad is installed on both sliding and hinged automatic gates. It is a small keypad used to enter the numerical code that activates the opening and closing of the gate. There are various types of digital keypads for automatic gates that vary among themselves as to type and appearance.


How to choose and where to install the digital keypad for automatic gates


The choice must be made according to your requirements, since even the appearance of the keypad can be selected, such as the shape and colour of the cover, to make it pleasant to the eye. Another thing to keep in mind while choosing the keyboard is whether there are letters allowing to make more complicated combinations and therefore guaranteeing increased security. The digital keyboard for automatic gates can be installed on any building where there is a gate, door or automatic door. Some models work without a wired connection, since they are supplied by a battery and can therefore be easily installed in any context.


What are the advantages of keypads for automatic gates?


The keypads for automatic gates bring considerable advantages in terms of protection of the house they are installed in. In fact, using these keypads, it is possible to bar access to all unauthorized people who will not be able to enter without the combination. They can be installed also on garage and entry doors, to make the building particularly secure, preventing any access attempts by intruders. To purchase the best digital keypads for automatic gates, contact TAU.