The advantages of automation for vasistas windows

What are the automatic systems for vasistas windows? A vasistas window is an inward opening type of window that has hinges on the bottom and a lock on the top. These windows can be completed with automations, allowing practical and quick opening; automatic systems are a...

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Automations for sliding glass doors: what are they?

A compromise between price and functionality Whether they are doors for large structures or openings for offices and small shops, what matters is trying to find the best compromise between price and functionality. For this reason, many designers have chosen to make automations for sliding glass...

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Gate automations: the importance of design

What are gate automations? Automations for doors and gates allow entering buildings, garages and other structures simply by pressing the button of a remote control. Therefore, fitting your door with an automatic system means giving yourself the utmost comfort at any time of the day: specifically,...

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Fitting automations on gates

Automations for gates Gate automations are a very important tool in a house because they allow managing the opening and closing of the domestic access in full safety. The automation represents a not negligible structural evolution because it makes it possible to open and close the...

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12 V gate motors: description and operation

What are 12V gate motors? 12 V dc motors can be considered as the normal evolution of 220 V ac motors. In fact, because of their proven safety and reliability, 12 V low voltage motors represent the future of the automations for electric gates. 12 V...

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A general overview of accessories for automatic gates

What accessories are available for automatic gates?

Accessories for automatic gates are tools used to perfect or complement the features of the gate. Electric control units are an essential component that allows correct gate operation. Opening devices are handy for opening a gate in a quick and easy way, using a key or a remote control. Safety devices also guarantee quality and ensure the utmost peace of mind in all circumstances. Finally, cutting-edge accessories such as photovoltaic panels are also available: the ideal solution for those who want to exploit the renewable energy of the sun.

Electric motors for automatic doors: innovation and quality

What are electric motors for automatic doors?

Electric motors for automatic doors are a practical and functional solution to use in public buildings and commercial facilities. This type of motor has an incorporated control unit that allows you to quickly and easily open and close a door. The versatile and user-friendly electric motor is ideal for all places frequented by a large number of people, from offices to shopping centres, public transport and cinemas.

Declaration of gate automation: some details

Gate automation: legislation regarding safety

When you want to automate a gate, it is good practice to contact a qualified installer: since 2005, new European directives EN 12445/12453 have come into effect, which govern the operation and safety standards of gate automation. Since that date, gates and their automation systems have been considered, to all effects, machines. Therefore, they are subject to all standards as if they were a single mechanical block. End users are often not aware of the fact that if these machines are installed incorrectly, they can cause serious harm as a result of crushing, trapping and much more.