Underground motors for swing gates: aesthetic appeal and functionality

What are underground motors for swing gates?

Underground motors are compact systems that enable swing gates to operate correctly. This type of motor allows a gate to be automated without altering its aesthetic look, since it is installed below ground level. Underground motors ensure quick motion and intuitive use, thus complementing gates with gate leaves weighing up to 400 kg. The low-voltage version is also ideal for intensive and repeated use.

The technical service offered by Tau in the sector of Vicenza gate automation

The growing demand for automatic gates

The demand for automatic gates, remote control gates and other automated systems to open and close accesses is increasing constantly all over Italy. This is due not only to obvious security and practicality reasons (nobody likes getting out of the car to open a heavy gate manually under the beating rain or in below zero temperatures), but also to municipal regulations. In fact, an automated, either sliding or hinged, gate is required increasingly more often to build a new driveway with access to the public road.

Pop-up automatic bollards: elegant and safe

Urban furniture or private entrance: the solution is automatic pop-up bollards

Automatic pop-up bollards allow managing the access of vehicles to a public or private road. They are automated systems consisting of a column, usually cylindrical and made of steel, preventing access to private or public places. Controlled remotely by a device, code or contactless card, thanks to an automatic hydraulic movement, the column can quickly lower leaving the access free. Elegant, understated and positively very practical, pop-up bollards are an ideal solution for those who love to match aesthetics with functionality.

Automations for electric rolling shutters: operation and types

What are the automatisms for electric shutters?

Automatisms for electric shutters are particular motor systems that allow opening and closing the shutter with a simple touch. The choice of this modern and reliable technology allows living your house with greater tranquillity and comfort; in fact, even a gesture as simple as opening or closing the shutters can become even quicker and more immediate. Without giving up the control of the various rooms and security, you can choose a wide range of automatisms for your electric shutters. Automatism technology is designed to meet the most varied requirements, in both a residential and commercial context: laboratory tests allow checking the correct operation of the motors in whatever situation.

Automatisms for sliding gates: many alternatives for customised requirements

Automatisms for sliding gates: a customised choice

Silent, elegant, flowing and reliable: these are the main characteristics you can have by choosing automatisms for sliding gates offered by sector professionals.
Every reality is different and, to choose which automatism to install in a sliding gate, it is important to observe the reference context carefully. Only after an in-depth analysis, you can choose the motor type and relative accessories.

Types of remote controls for gate and door automations

The remote control

When you enter the world of remote controls for gate automation, you enter a world of technology. For the less expert, the remote control is a device where you press a button and the gate opens, but it is much more than that. The functions connected to this apparently very simple item are innumerable and knowing them means to make your life simpler and associate many functions to one action. You cannot be superficial in choosing the right remote control: to do that would mean to give up the possibility of making your life simpler.

Automations for industrial doors: which one to choose?

Automations for industrial doors: various types

TAU Italia offers various innovative solutions with regard to the industrial door automation sector. Leader in the sector, TAU offers a wide range of automation products, from those for gates and doors to those for industrial doors. On the website you will find all the offers for your company. In fact, our products in the field of the industrial door automations offer solutions for both book-like openings (two leaves plus two leaves) and sliding or sectional doors.

Automatic gate safety: the current legislation

The European directives adopted by Italy

When industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates are installed, it is important to comply with national and, if applicable, international regulations. In 2002, European directives EN 12453 and EN 12445 were accepted by Italy and came into force replacing the previous UNI 8612 regulations, introduced in 1989.
Even if there are no sanctions in case of non-compliance with the safety regulations, these requirements are very important to reduce or cancel risks for both installers and occasional users of doors and gates.