Garage door automations: maximum comfort for drivers

What are garage door automations?

Garage door automations are systems allowing cars to enter car park spaces/garages without having to get out of the car: in fact, a remote control is sufficient to open and close a door with a simple click. A garage door automation system brings considerable benefits going from the comfort to get back home quickly and easily to the convenience of not having to open or close very heavy doors. Tau Italia, leader in the production of electrical gate and automatic door automations, produces also garage door automation systems.

Car park automatic barriers: types and models

Safe and innovative car park automatic barriers

Garage and car park automatic barriers are the best solution to control safely vehicles entering and exiting areas with a reasonable quantity of traffic: hotels, supermarkets, department stores and shopping centres will be able to guarantee private parking only to people entitled to use it. The same applies, naturally, also in case of condominiums, companies or any structure needing to prevent access to unauthorized vehicles.


Gate automations: that small detail that makes our lives easier

The benefits of gate automations

Let’s not deny it: we all like to enjoy those small comforts that can make our daily life easier and more comfortable, at least in the small things. Sometimes we don’t think about it, but we often need very little to get rid of some obstacles: a small detail that makes a difference, reducing the stress in our lives. Gate automations belong surely to the category of “inventions” that have allowed us to make our lives easier!

How choose the most suitable automation for your gate

The automation of the gate is an essential accessory in homes and modern buildings. Thanks to the automatic gate is no longer necessary get off the car to get into your home, and this, as well as a convenience, has become an option which ensures greater safety of person, and does...

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