Automatic panic doors


What are automatic panic doors?


Automatic panic doors are automatic doors fitted with a system that, when pressed from the inside towards the outside (like for instance with a strong push), disable the connection of the motor to the door, to guarantee people inside the building can get out safely. This mechanism is mandatory in some places such as: discos, commercial premises, etc. where there are a lot of people or that have few secondary escape routes. This allows all people to get out safely through the automatic door without having to wait for staff to open it.


Where is the installation of automatic panic doors recommended?


The installation of this particular mechanism is recommended inside offices or commercial premises, where there are no other exits. In some cases, their installation is mandatory, like for instance in discos, cinemas or buildings that can accommodate a large number of people. By installing this type of mechanisms, you have the opportunity of making a room safer from hazards like fire.


How does the automatic panic door mechanism work?


The operation of this mechanism is very simple: in fact, it is activated when the door is hit hard, for instance when it is pushed hard or kicked. In this case the mechanism disables the motor, letting the hinged leaves open. The mechanism is easy to install and offers a great advantage in case of accidents. Once used, the mechanism can be reused by simply resetting it. To make your business safe, contact TAU to buy the best automatic panic doors.