The technical service offered by Tau in the sector of Vicenza gate automation

The growing demand for automatic gates

The demand for automatic gates, remote control gates and other automated systems to open and close accesses is increasing constantly all over Italy. This is due not only to obvious security and practicality reasons (nobody likes getting out of the car to open a heavy gate manually under the beating rain or in below zero temperatures), but also to municipal regulations. In fact, an automated, either sliding or hinged, gate is required increasingly more often to build a new driveway with access to the public road.

Tau: Vicenza gate automations and not just that

Tau Italia boasts a long experience in Vicenza gate automation and not just that. Automatisms and remote control systems can, however, be used very efficiently and with great results also on pedestrian doors and accesses, shop, workshop or garage shutters or on automated barriers. Even windows and rolling shutters can be automated. The wide range of Tau products includes all these important technological innovations. But, to complete its offer to customers and installers, Tau adds a final “product” of the utmost importance: after-sales technical service.

The importance of the technical service offered by Tau

A gate: there is no other product for which the expression “turnkey” is more suitable! Rightly enough the customer expects 100% operation, 365 days a year, even in adverse and extreme conditions. That is why the technical service of Tau qualified personnel is the real highlight of this company. Cutting-edge technology is what moves the gate, but behind the gate there are people: careful and trained technicians, ready to act promptly. The service department cooperates with installers and maintenance engineers, in English too, showing flexibility, speed, accuracy and politeness all the time.