The advantages offered by automatic mobile barriers

What are automatic mobile barriers?

Automatic mobile barriers are an efficient system consisting of a mobile bar and a fixed structure. This device is used to restrict traffic inside car parks and other accesses: the barriers are designed to be used continuously and intensively, consequently they are the ideal solution for entrances with intense traffic. Mobile barriers with an automatic system integrate perfectly in any architectonic context: ideal for condominiums, commercial and industrial areas, car parks, motorways and other contexts.

How does a mobile automatic barrier work?

The operation of a mobile barrier with an automatic system is simple and easy for everybody. In fact, the fixed structure making up the barrier contains the automation as well as the control electronics. Every time the appropriate button of the remote control or wall switch is pressed, the mobile bar is activated. In other words, a simple click is enough to raise and lower the mobile barrier, allowing or preventing vehicles to pass. The opening time of an automatic barrier is between 3 and 5 seconds, with the fastest opening in 2.2 seconds; this way, to enter the car park, it’s enough to send the command just a few seconds before.

Which automatic mobile barrier do you choose?

There are various types of mobile barriers with an automatic system on the market; according to the situation, it is therefore possible to identify the one that best suits your requirements and preferences. An aspect that must be taken into consideration is the length of the bar: specifically, the barrier can measure from a minimum of 3 metres to a maximum of 7 metres. Finally, you can refine your choice thanks to a wide range of accessories such as the LED lines, resting forks, aluminium rack, photocells and many more. So, according to the width of the entrance you want to bound, you just have to select a more or less long bar capable of stopping vehicles passing effectively.