Gearmotors for garage doors with Bus technology

Gearmotors for garage doors with Bus technology From TAU research a new generation of low voltage

Newsletter cancelli telescopici

Telescopic gates … how to automate them?

Telescopic gates … how to automate them? When there are space problems, the so-called telescop

Why choose R30 or R40?

Why choose R30 or R40? 1. WATERTIGHT Guarantee of total and constant protection from rainwater over


T-SIDE the new automation for swing doors

T-SIDE the new automation for swing doors   Thanks to its minimalist and elegant aesthetics, it

TauOpen – Open the gate with your smartphone ????

Open the gate with your smartphone ????   FIND OUT MORE TauOpen is EASY TO CONFIGURE TauOpen i

650VECTI - Tau motors with an extra gear


230 V gearmotors for even faster swing gates ⚡ The VECTI series is a new line of 230 V electromech

Cube, the wall flashing light

Cube, the wall flashing light A refined minimalist style ORDER NOW!   Cube, the minimal wall fl


K590M, the new electrical control panel for 230 V sliding motors

K590M, the new electrical control panel for 230 V sliding motors 350K590M The new control unit K590M

New Catalogue Tau 2021


NEW CATALOGUE COMING SOON! Download the catalogue from our website or book now the printed version.


Aggiornamenti tecnici   New control panel TOTAL CONNECT!   750D770M The new control unit D

TCODE the new digital keypad

???? TCODE, the new Tau digital keyboard. The light that shines even in the darkest hours

TCODE, the new digital keyboard Discover TCODE, the keyboard that lights the way home   At the

Led automations. Are you afraid of the dark? We are not!


T-WAY porta automatica telescopica

T-WAY the telescopic automatic door you want!

  T-WAY is the telescopic automatic door that ensures the maximum opening width in the smalles

rendering ARM290BI with the elephant

ARM290BI: give way to the giants!

ARM290BI is here: the new operator for extra large swing gates! Tau widens its range of ARM operator

luxe barriera automatica con pannello solare

LUXE, TAU’s top of the range barrier, is also ECO FRIENDLY

LUXE is a friend of environmental sustainability DISCOVER MORE   Thanks to its 12V DC motor, L

No more hard work

PIVOT-B: easy, quick and safe

EASY, QUICK AND SAFE PIVOTB BATTERY POWERED PHOTOCELL No more excavations nor broken pipes. Thanks

Listino ricambi


Since June 1st, 2019 the new SPARE PARTS PRICE LIST 2019 comes into force The Spare Parts Price List

VLED: inuovo lampeggiante a led per cancelli automatici, garage e barriere

VLED: brightness and design in the foreground

The new LED flashing light is available for automatic gates, garages and automatic barriers. The new

catalogue 2019

TAU’S NEW CATALOGUE 2019 Download the catalogue from our website. Should you prefer the printed ve

Discover the Underground Gearmotor that will surprise you

The underground gearmotor for residential buildings will surprise you.     1. It is uniqu

Discover our new devices to open industrial doors

    As far as folding doors are concerned, there are two different telescopic arms availab

Pivot, the outdoor lighting photocell

    Pivot photocell exploits technical research at most to ensure you the highest safety:

New integrated aerial

Aerial preinstalled on the flashing light and protected from vandalism Discover now the TAU flashing

TAU’s pricelist 2018

TAU’S NEW PRICELIST IS OUT From 1st August 2018, our new pricelist will become effective. Please c


The new technopolymer cover for LUXE automatic barrier is in production since May. It is quick and e

TAU’s catalogue 2018

TAU’S NEW CATALOGUE IS OUT! In the new 2018 catalogue you will find fast operators, lighting p


Starting from today, in all kits for hinged gates you will find a practical template to anchor bra

Gearmotor BIG30QI with inverter

The new electric panel with inverter transforms the supply from single-phase to three-phase and of

TAU is on WhatsApp!

Save our Whatsapp numbers to your address book! You can use them to send us both technical and comme

Showreel TAU

  TAU Italia has the pleasure of presenting the new company video: a brief tale to know and see

HIGH SPEED automatic gates

HIGH SPEED automatic gates. Ideal for those who do not want to waste time. T-ONE8BR, MASTER-R, ARM-R

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“Ready, steady, go!”

The recent improve TAU did on LUXE barrier is about technical and security quality, the last few mon

New foundation box for hinged gates

Tau presents the new foundation boxes for gates with hinged leaves series 700CF. With rounded corner

Bar resting fork with electromagnet

The new fork 800ATE guarantees greater bar stability in the horizontal position, preventing forced o

Smaller and more versatile!

Reducing by just a few millimetres the size of the low voltage gearmotor, the new R40 underground mo

Hidden and protected cables

Thanks to a few technical details and a special cover, the connecting cables of the new PARK automat

T-Sky brochure

Hot off the press and now available online. In line with the corporate design, the new brochure dedi

Chat with us!

A TAU consultant is always available to solve the main doubts on the use of our products quickly. Tr

New image for TAU kits.

Determined and hi tech: this is its new appearance, easy to be recognized by the main colors – bla

Innovation: no more mechanical stopper in the centre for swing gates.

How to avoid the installation of the bulky stopper in the centre of a swing gate? TAU finds the solu

Our pride: our technical support.

Technology is the heart of TAU innovation but without a performing technical support the product wou

T-Sky, the courtesy light is LED

The courtesy light integrated in the T-sky sectional door operator can now be customized with LED te

TAU is solar-friendly: technology at the service of the environment

Energy saving and respect for the environment are the guidelines of TAU’s technological research.

The final touch is with LED flashing lights

Give your TAU automation a final touch by choosing high-technology solutions. TAU introduces the fla

Solar panels

Right from the beginning of the renewable energy technologies, TAU has offered automations powered o

PARK-XL : practical and safe parking, in XL format

Newly born in the Tau family, the “Park XL” automatic parking protector guarantees the protectio

At full power with the new T-ONE8B

The market was asking for it and we, at TAU, have created a T-ONE5B gear motor version with 800kg ma

Joint for elliptical bar

The joint for elliptical bar completes the range of accessories for the Luxe barrier. Ideal for unde