Transmitters and Radio Receivers

Transmitters and Radio Receivers

Rolling Code Technology

Two-channel transmitter, rolling code technology, 433,92 MHz.

Four-channel transmitter, rolling code technology, 433,92 MHz, complete with support.

Handheld device to program preset radio receivers and electronic control boards.


• frequency: 433,92 MHz
• range: up to 200 m in open air (the effective range depends on terrain and possible radio frequency interferences)
• 281.000 billion code combinations
• rolling code technology: every time the transmitter sends a code, it generates a new code using an encoder. An algorithm identifies and validates only the signal of the transmitters encoded by the radio receiver.


• virtually impossible to duplicate
• code can be personalized thanks to the TAUPROG programmer
• ideal for multi-user systems
• a transmitter can be programmed into any number of self-learning radio receivers, thus avoiding the use of different transmitters
• tougher shells

Technical sheet

Download the technical sheet and accessories list


Download instructions manual – 250K-SLIMRP


Download instructions manual – 250T-4RP

Video tutorial

Video tutorial – How to learn a K-SLIM and T-4 transmitter on a 433 Mhz RXSM radio receiver


Video tutorial – How to learn a rolling code transmitter on the control board D760M


Video tutorial – How to learn a Rolling Code trasmitter on Diamond control boards


Video tutorial – Remote learning of a new rolling code transmitter


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