Type of use of automatic door motors

Automatic doors The use of automatic doors has been a small revolution that has allowed automating an often impractical operation: just think of having to get out of a vehicle to open a door, get back in to move the vehicle and get back out to...

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Automations for sliding glass doors: what are they?

A compromise between price and functionality Whether they are doors for large structures or openings for offices and small shops, what matters is trying to find the best compromise between price and functionality. For this reason, many designers have chosen to make automations for sliding glass...

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Electric motors for automatic doors: innovation and quality

What are electric motors for automatic doors?

Electric motors for automatic doors are a practical and functional solution to use in public buildings and commercial facilities. This type of motor has an incorporated control unit that allows you to quickly and easily open and close a door. The versatile and user-friendly electric motor is ideal for all places frequented by a large number of people, from offices to shopping centres, public transport and cinemas.