tastiera digitale per automazioni


The new digital keyboard that lights the way home.

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than going home and enjoying its comfort. In the evening, however, entering the code to open the automatic gate in the dark can be a nuisance and a waste of time: flashlight, smartphone light, memory attempts...

From today no more! TCODE, the new TAU digital keyboard for automations, is the ideal solution: even more functional thanks to the large, well-spaced backlit keys for simple night viewing.
Just one click and the button backlight is immediately active. 
Maximum practicality and trendy design.

tastiera digitale per automazioni

Technical features:

Numbers visible even at night, easily clickable with low margin of error

Case in strong painted aluminium alloy, resistant to burglary attempts and vandalism

Two-channel technology to combine the possibility of opening and closing two automations with the same code.

Ability to manage up to a maximum of 4 codes (2 to 8 digits), then 8 automations.

tastiera digitale per automazioni

Available in two versions:


Wireless digital keyboard (via radio with battery) Works with RXDC radio receivers or with electronic control units with built-in radio receiver


Cable digital keyboard with BUS signal transmission to be able to control the automation in maximum safety. Indispensable when you need to control automations that cannot be reached with wireless technology



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